Saturday, October 22, 2022
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Japanese Breakfast: Marble Factory, Bristol – live review

Japanese Breakfast Marble Factory, Bristol 20th October 2022 Embarking on their first UK tour since the pandemic,...

Telefis : A Dó : album review

The tragic loss of Cathal Coughlan was mourned in many quarters as the influential Irish singer was one of the genuine spirits in the rock n roll circus. This last album is testament to his on going genius and a reminder of his potent brilliance. 

Alice Merton: Gorilla, Manchester – live review

Alice Merton Gorilla, Manchester Tuesday 18 October 2022 Alice Merton overcomes a fear of playing live to...

Manchester’s Splint release their second single 145.

Manchester’s Splint have released 145 as their second single on Nice Swan Records...

WATCH THIS! Diablofurs: Dream Skies – video exclusive

Nottingham’s Diablofurs return with their new 7" Dream Skies in November, it's their first...