Freya Beer: Manchester Night and Day – live review

Freya Beer
Manchester Night and Day
Oct 2022

Freya Beer is the future pop diva, the 21st-century post-punk torch singer you will all fall in love with. 

In this moment in time the world she has created is full of mysticism and magic – a film noir full of literature and melodic dynamite. A red velvet drama and a David Lynch world to get lost in. If the first rule of pop culture is to create your own world to get lost in then Freya Beer has won already. She has self-created this incredible style and not only looks like an elfin goddess but sounds like one as well.

Her raw blues embraces the gothic drama of PJ Harvey and is full of tension and release and bedsit tales of broken hearts and emotional skree. Dripped in exotica and tune-laced drama she creates this spellbinding world to get lost in – a filmic place where a voice steeped in the highs and lows of life deals the blues and the wisdom of heartache and romance that is both ageless and of her age.

With music that is draped seductively over night time 6 Music, she is also a dark pop star waiting to happen. A powerful presence and cultural force flickering in the shadows and waiting to be unleashed in the Sunday supplements and into the national consciousness – a Lana Del Ray from the south coast, a twilight nocturnal poet of the moved up to London trying to make sense of this crazy old life poetess and word machine.

New single Honeymoon Eyes is the door opener – a dark slice of modern dark energy pop and duet with Tom Saint that manages to marry her drama to the shuffling rhythms and soundscapes of modern urban pop – it’s a sign that things are changing here and Freya Beer may be joining the modern pop narrative.


All words by John Robb

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