Louder Than War Radio

Louder Than War RadioOur radio station broadcasts 24/7 a selection of the best tracks from the past few weeks alongside some stone-cold classics!

Listen Live: https://s2.radio.co/sab795a38d/listen

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12.00 am Louder Than War Playlist

9 – 10 pm Neil Johnson’s Rock: Metal Monster Shop

10 – 12 am Neil Crud’s Punk & Beyond


12.00 am Louder Than War Playlist

8 – 9 pm Nathan Whittle – From The Garage

9 – 11 pm The Adam Brady Show

Louder Than War Playlist


12.00 am – Louder Than War Playlist

7 – 9 pm Brian McCabe Show

9 – 11 pm – Nigel Carr – Incoming

11 pm – Louder Than War Playlist


12.00 am – Louder Than War Playlist

7 – 9 pm Mike Bennett’s Freak Party

9 – 11 pm – Banjo’s Drum & Bass Session


12.00 am Louder Than War Playlist

7 pm – The ’70s Punk Playlist


12.00 am Louder Than War Playlist

11 am – 1 pm – Iain Key’s Indie Brunch

1 – 2 pm Audrey Golden’s Cinema Sounds

7 pm – Nick Brown’s Intoxica Show

8 pm – Andrew Livanis – Free Form

12 pm Louder Than War Playlist


12.00 am – Louder Than War Playlist

1 – 3 pm The Brian McCabe Show

3 – 4 pm Metal – Monster Show

4 – 6 pm – Mike Bennett’s Freak Party

6 – 7 pm – Audrey Golden – Cinema Sounds

7 – 9 pm Neil Crud’s Punk & Beyond

9 – 11 pm The Nigel Carr’s Incoming Show

11 pm – 1 am Banjo’s Drum & Bass Session



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    Nigel Carr presents a Louder Than War radio show every Wednesday night from 9 pm to 11 pm. Two hours of new releases and stone-cold classics – reaching into the past to make sense of the present. The show features many of the albums and singles reviewed by Louder Than War’s team of writers from the previous week alongside commentary and interviews.

    Mike Bennett’s Freak Party runs from 7 pm on Thursday nights! It features Mike’s eclectic mix from Glamnezia to pub rock and everything in between!

    Introducing Nathan Whittle on Tuesday nights at 7pm. His From The Garage tracks the explosion of Garage music in the late sixties!

    Introducing Nils Van Der Linden Wednesday nights at 8 pm – Nils own eclectic mix of punk, post punk and alternative rock.

    Introducing Iain Key on Saturday’s at 11 am – Iain’s Indie brunch featured a Manc-centric collection, reaching back into unheard recordings alongside some stand-out classics.

    Introducing Banjo with his two hour Drum n Bass Session on Thursday nights at 9 pm!

    Introducing Neil Crud, former Spam Javelin frontman who presents his new Punk & Beyond show at 10 pm Monday night!

    Introducing Gordon Rutherford who presents his Dark Flux show on Mondays at 7 pm!

    Introducing Audrey Golden who presents Cinema Sounds on Saturdays after Iain Key at 1 pm.

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