Double Helix
Things We Didn’t Know A Month Ago: September 2022
Double Helix

More new tunes that soundtracked the life of Keith Goldhanger as he walked amongst the traffic in East London during September 2022.

As summer ends and darker evenings return, yet again September ends with one or two more bands that have been added to the list of acts still not seen (there’ll be even more next month but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves just yet).

Great new music by new names is still arriving, and for the past few weeks these tunes have found themselves being listened to alongside one or two tunes by bands seen for the first time, as well as tunes by names that are expected to one day become a lot more well known than they are at the present time.

DOUBLE HELIX (main pic) were a fabulous shock to the system when the trio stood loud and proud in the upstairs section of a local vintage clothes shop recently. It may have still been a few hours before midnight on a Saturday evening, but the racket that this London-based band were making was one that we’re sure we’ll end up dancing our arses off to again in the future whilst most of the world are tucked up in bed and deep into dreamland. Not since the introduction of the fabulous Scalping have we tapped our toes so furiously whilst wondering where the rest of the world was at that particular time. Doppelgänger is a couple of months old and a great starting point.

DISCO IN SOCHI got in touch this month in response to August’s mention of the fabulous Le Junk (who you all really need to come and watch when you get the chance). This band features an individual who was once in a band with members of the Le Junk, and even though he’s now based in Liverpool and yet to grace any stage, Disco In Sochi are making similar noises at an equally high standard. There’s a new tune out in October but CherrySevenUp is the one that’s been played to death recently back here in East London as we wait to see if this band are going to visit us one day or whether we’re going to have to head north for an opportunity to catch them live when we can.

GEMMA CILLINGFORD and ALICE HUBBLE played a double header during September and their music has often been heard rumbling through the floorboards whilst the night in you promised yourself ends up being messier than if you’d gone out.

The former’s Tongue Tied was enough for us to head for the bus stop that evening, and catching ALICE HUBBLE’s impressive selection of tunes was the start of some continuous listening once an evening or two at home became more regular again.

DEADLETTER seem to get mentioned every month and this month is no different as the six-piece rounded off a short UK tor this month inside London’s 100 Club just as the Christmas decorations were starting to be erected outside up on street level. Weights is the band’s latest offering you’ll all learn to love. Many of us are already mentally mapping out  the direction this band will be travelling in over the next few years and I imagine many of you will be queuing alongside us moaning about how difficult it is to get tickets to see them by the time 2024 arrives.

SORRY have managed to play at festivals this summer whilst some of us have been elsewhere. Catching the last few minutes of one of their early afternoon shows was enough to get the name remembered and music investigated resulting in Let the Lights On becoming a huge hit this month for one of us. This is a band I need to see properly before the year is out.

Finally it’s time to mention the amazing JESSICA WINTER again who has provided such a glorious song and video for those of us who like to delve into the world of cool pop music every now and then. Choreograph is wonderful in every way possible. The song, the production, the singing in the rain… this once and you’ll want to hear it again. By the time the second or third listen has been achieved you’ll be humming it along the supermarket aisles. Treat yourself – this is wonderful.

More next month of course.


Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV).


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