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A magical album that takes you on a trip. TTRRUUCES unleash their debut and it’s the weirdest, most original thing I’ve heard this year. Worth a five bomb rating any time. Innovative genius stuff from a sparkling duo. This is a magical psychedelic journey that tells you the story of two like minded souls reckons Wayne Carey…

Every now and again you get an album that just hits you in the heart and head. This is one of them. No fillers on this fucker, just brilliant stuff. Where the fuck have they come from? Apparently one of them is residing in Manchester, the other somewhere in France.

Written as a rock opera, the album is a dream-like adventure, simultaneously euphoric and disorientating in both mood and execution. At its core is the story of a Sad Girl and a Lost Boy, whose quest to acquire a new drug named TTRRUUCES takes them on a mind-altering journey.

Natalie Findlay and Jules Apollinaire are exceptionally brilliant with this debut. Take opening track Sad Girl which you’d think should be at the end of an album. It doesn’t work like that… It introduces you to their myriad of sound. An excellent mellow start to their journey of psychedelic madness. Sublime stuff that takes you to the beautiful Sensations Of Cool which I can only describe as a beautiful step back to the likes of Madder Rose or maybe the beauty of solo Kristin Hersh stuff. Spine tingling shit.

The Disco just funks it all up. I can see the fuckers with spangly flares and perms ripping up Wigan Pier. Mental drum beats decking in there, a refrain from White Lines, some guitars thrown in to fuck you up. Jesus… Lost Boy is just funky as funk. There’s no way to explain the sound. It’s got everything in there! Fuck Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox! They’re on a different level. Synths, guitar, melody, fuckin’ ell. It’s like a chemistry lesson in musical structure!

Bad Kids is psych madness. The drugs are kicking in. I think they’re getting to their mission of finding that drug they’re looking for. Proper trippy Beatles Sgt Pepper stuff going on here. “Just take some of these” says it all… Think The Lovely Eggs on acid.

TTRRUUCES is basically an acid trip of a song, weird as fuck effects, we’re all going bat shit crazy here. It’s goth meets The Go Team, a proper cheer leader chant on drugs. Evil Elephant takes things even further, a trippy, drug induced tune full of mad shit. “Friday, pay day, holidays in the sun” They even get a kazoo sound in there! Like a nightmare fairground situation, getting kidnapped by Papa fuckin’ Lazarou!

Stranger Now Forever has Jules taking over vocals. A Lennonesque comedown from the drug induced madness of Evil Elephant. A proper mellow tingly feeling that chills you out. I’ve not heard anything so strange for a while. Groundbreaking stuff that goes all mental techno on the outro. I’ve not been this weirded out for a while…

I’m Alive is a pure trip hip hop adventure. Stomping beat, proper duet vocals, a mental chugging guitar riff. A proper happy tune that makes you smile. Just pure brilliance, enchanting and full of everything. I can hear fuckin’ trumpets in there! Where is this coming from? And a classic fade out to top it! Nigel Carr loves this tune!

Something Inside is just pure shoegaze excellence. Beautiful stuff going into Slowdive territory. Where do they get this shit from? Spine tingling beauty at its best. Closing track Sleepy Head is like the album comedown, a thing of wonder that is the perfect antidote to a mindfuck of psychedelia that has been the theme throughout.

You can’t really compare TTRRUUCES to any band at all. The closest you can get is probably Sparks on double dipped acid. And they come as a full package. Check out their website. It’s fuckin’ awesome. They even have a video game! A tremendous debut that no one can touch. The best thing I’ve heard this year without a doubt. Untouchable, original and out there on it’s own.




Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful album, and great review! There’s a very beautiful interview with them online too, Fresh Pressed interview. I am nothing whatever to do with that channel as I just discovered how much I love TTRRUUCES this morning, and that interview and the review here just piles more on! To the review, I would just like to add Beach Boys Surf’s Up album…Sad Girl…

  2. Yes. You capture the album perfectly. I’m also 50 but this is my album of the year – still. So much relatable crazy stuff in there.

  3. Funny, I’m 52 .this is fresh, original and genre bending at times. Reminds me when music was still art. It speaks to how their relationship translates to music. Simply genius in a world of algorithms!


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