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volk soupVolk Soup: Beware An Ancient Door


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Volk Soup return with a schizophonic post-punk brutalist takedown of modern social power dynamics…and Prince Andrew.

When Ged Babey covered Volk Soup’s last release, Billionaire, three adjectives sprung to his mind: nihilistic, petulant, inventive. On their new release, Beware An Ancient Door, they have doubled down on all three across a sprawling seven-minute track that twists through style and form, Janus walking a serf through adorned palace halls while Prince Andrew’s pent-up rage from his fall from entitled grace is heard screaming from somewhere within. The band are taking the Prince firmly in their sights, stating that the first half of the song is a dialogue between Baby Grumpling and someone questioning his actions, while the second half descends into a tirade against those who dare question his gilded existence. At its core is an intense questioning of the state of power in society, one that has increasingly come into question in recent years…to sometimes far little effect.

Anyone who had pegged the band as just another post-punk band are in for a surprise. Beware An Ancient Door is much more expansive than expected, careering across jittering beats, blasts of brass and sudden jolts that smash you in the face with its sudden turns. An easy listen? Couldn’t be further from it. A vital listen, no doubt!

Volk Soup are definitely ones to watch.

Volk Soup are on Bandcamp, Spotify and Facebook.


Words by Nathan Whittle. Find his Louder Than War archive here.

Nathan also presents From The Garage on Louder Than War Radio every Tuesday at 8pm. Tune in for an hour of fuzz-crunching garage rock ‘n’ roll and catch up on all shows on the From The Garage Mixcloud playlist.

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